Beta Information

This pool is under active development and may have issues/bugs from time to time. However things have been pretty stable and everything, including payments, are working normally.

Please follow my thread on CryptoCoinTalk for all the latest updates and news regarding the pool; and to report any issues/bugs or leave some feedback!

How to Get Started

1. Create an account here.
2. Install BOINC if you haven't already.
3. Run BOINC.
4. In your BOINC client make sure "Advanced view..." is selected from "View > Advanced view...".
5. Now go to "Tools > Use account manager..." and enter "" in the "Account manager URL" box.
6. Click "Next" and fill out your login details, then "Next" again.
  For BOINC versions prior to 7.6.10
    Run "boinccmd --join_acct_mgr YOUR_EMAIL YOUR_PASSWORD" from the install directory.
    * See why you must do this here:
  (Optional) Open "Tools > Event log..." to verify you were connected successfully.
7. Select which projects you want to run on your profile and any settings for them.
  You can still use your own accounts/CPID on other projects.
  The account manager will not change any existing projects.
  Remove any projects from BOINC that you intend to research for the pool.

8. Resync with the account manager in your BOINC client by going to "Tools > Synchronize with Pool".
  (Optional) To verify projects are researching for the pool, "" will be shown under "Account" in BOINC's "Projects" tab.

All your selected projects should show up in your BOINC client now and start crunching away!
You are now all set. Welcome to the pool! Please report any issues/bugs here.

Additional Info

See the total earnings of the pool's CPID:
GridCoin.Co -

More info about the CPID on the Block Explorer:
Block Explorer -